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Discover the easiest way to remove wrinkles from your curtains.

How can I steam curtains myself after washing?

A frustration of many: washing curtains. Picking up curtains is often quite a job, let alone washing and ironing them. Remove creases and bad odors in an instant with the handheld steamer. Put the plug in the socket, let the steamer heat up for 20/25 seconds, fill the water tank and start steaming!

How often should I refresh my curtains?

It is recommended to refresh your curtains once a year. Because you only have to do it once a year, it can be useful to choose a fixed time for it. For example, after the holidays or in the spring during spring cleaning. That way you remember better when the curtains to be washed or steamed.

How do I wash my curtains?

We understand all too well that you look up to the enormous ironing job afterwards. How nice would it be if you could take curtains out of the washing machine wrinkle-free? With these 5 tips you can get pretty close to those wrinkle-free curtains:

1. Read the washing instructions

Curtains are often not cheap, so it would be a shame if you ruined them by washing them on your regular washing program. If necessary, remove the curtain hooks and read the label with washing instructions. If the labels are no longer on your curtains, wash them at thirty degrees just to be on the safe side. This way you can be sure that they won't come out of the washing machine four times smaller.

2. Use mild detergents

Fill the washing machine to about one-third of its maximum allowable weight. That way, your curtains have more room to move, which prevents unnecessary creases. Use little detergent and fabric softener and always choose the mildest variant. This way you prevent the fabric from going on!

3. Use the dryer on a short program

Spinning often damages the fibers and fabric and causes the most creases in the washing process. Try to avoid this. For wrinkle-free curtains, it is best to spin at a maximum of 600 rpm. Do you have curtains made of a thin fabric? Then turn off the spin cycle completely.

4. Hang curtains wet

If you don't spin your curtains, they will come out of the washing machine soaking wet. Don't be alarmed by this, this is precisely the intention. Carefully remove the curtains from the washing machine and hang them back in place immediately. Don't forget to hang them in the fold first and put a bucket under them so they can drain. The weight of the water pulls the fabric taut, preventing wrinkles. Tip: also open a door or window so that the water can evaporate.

5. Use a steamer to remove the wrinkles

As a final step, we recommend using a handheld steamer to easily remove wrinkles from the curtains.

How do I steam my curtains?

Have you curtain stains or unpleasant odors, steaming your curtains can be a very good option . This technique works best if you are overweight curtains have and curtains made from a natural fabric. With this handy and stylish steamer you can easily do this job yourself.
The hot steam kills 99% of all bacteria and thus removes unpleasant smells and odours. A steam device freshens up the textile and removes all the last wrinkles!

1. Use steam device

Fill the water tank, plug it in and let the steamer heat up. When the device is ready for use, press the steam button a number of times in succession and let the steaming process begin. Sometimes it can take a while before this process has fully started and some water splashes may come out of the device in the beginning. Press the steam plate against the curtain and press the steam button. Let the device gradually move from top to bottom over the curtain and easily remove all creases and freshen up the fabric completely!

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Also use a hand steamer for your curtains!