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Our story

Welcome to STEAMRS BY DREAMERS - a fashion-care brand that makes your clothing care easy and enjoyable. We offer a luxurious and chic collection of gadgets that perfectly fit your modern lifestyle. Inspired by minimalism and sustainability, we strive to combine simple geometric shapes, high-quality materials and timeless designs. Our products are manufactured in collaboration with the best local manufacturers and are designed to last a lifetime.

To arise

The Dutch clothing care brand STEAMRS was founded in 2021 by two entrepreneurs with a passion for textiles and specialization in luxury bedding. Since the start of STEAMRS, their philosophy has grown into a multidisciplinary fashion-care label with a young and enthusiastic team.



We believe in the power of textile care. By treating your clothing with care, you give it a longer life and contribute to a sustainable wardrobe. With the help of STEAMRS' gadgets, clothing care becomes easy, fast and fun. We design high-quality gadgets that flawlessly protect textiles from wrinkles, odors, hair and lint. Simple clothing care in style!

Why is clothing care important?
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Our mission

We strive to design durable, quality products that care for your favorite garments easily and quickly, ensuring they last for generations. To achieve this, we carefully consider every detail, from packaging to maintenance, replaceable parts and product recycling.


Our dream

We want to change the way we handle clothing. We offer the best care for clothing in an easy and efficient way with our beautiful, sustainable and effective clothing care products.

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