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The Professional Clothes Steamer from STEAMRS is a luxurious steam device with stand that quickly and easily removes wrinkles from your clothes. It's a great, stylish option for those looking for an alternative to traditional irons and ironing boards. You can read exactly how the device works and what its advantages are in this blog.

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Frequently asked questions about the Professional clothes steamer

Benefits of the Professional Garment Steamer from STEAMRS

Time saving

Ready for use very quickly. Dewrinkle a garment in seconds. With the XL 3 liter water tank, you can do more. then steam continuously for an hour.

Space saving

A standing clothes steamer is more compact than an ironing board and iron, and therefore takes up less space in your home.

Safe and gentle on textile fibres

The steam ensures that the fibers of the fabric are not damaged, and there is no risk of burnt or crushed areas on the clothes, unlike when using an iron.

Removes odors, bacteria and mites

The heat of the steam kills bacteria and mites. This also makes the device suitable for people with an allergy to dust mites.

Height adjustable

Adjust the vertical telescopic steam wand to the ideal height for you.