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Everything you need to know about Fabric Shavers

Fabric Shavers provide an efficient solution for removing lint and pills from fabrics, making them a convenient alternative to traditional methods. It works by using small rotating blades to gently cut the lint from the surface of the fabric. What really sets STEAMRS Fabric Shavers apart is their impressive speed to use, taking efficiency to the highest level. No other device on the market is ready for use as quickly as the Fabric Shavers from STEAMRS. The device is especially effective at removing lint and pills from clothing, blankets, furniture and other fabric surfaces.

How do you use a fabric shaver?

Using a fabric shaver is generally simple. Make sure the fabric is dry before you start and that the fabric lies flat. Place the fabric shaver on the surface of the fabric and move the device over the frizzy area in an even motion with light pressure.

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