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Everything you need to know about using a handheld steamer

Are you not an ironing fan, but have you never used a clothes steamer before? Then a world will open up for you. Discover 10 useful tips for using a STEAMRS clothes steamer.

Don't need to dry clean 20 items of clothing a day? Then choose a hand steamer. These are easy to use and can be taken anywhere. Ideal for quick touch-ups and when you want to wear neat outfits when traveling. What is also very convenient about a handheld steamer is that they are very easy to store and do not take up space in your home.

If you want to steam entire baskets of laundry and are looking for an easy replacement for your iron and ironing board, then a standing Professional clothes steamer is perfect for you. These steamers are much stronger and have a much larger water reservoir than hand steamers. You often only have to go over the fabric once and all the wrinkles are removed.

Dry clean curtains, furniture and bedding

I like to use the clothes steamer to give my curtains a quick freshen up without having to completely remove them from the rails. With a handy extension cable I can easily reach everything with the steamer. As I pull the curtain taut with my free hand, the steamer glides effortlessly over the fabric, leaving no wrinkles. The same trick also works for my fabric sofa and chairs, and even for the cushions on the sofa. Plus, it's a great way to give my bedding a sleek and luxurious hotel-worthy look. It is especially nice when I receive overnight guests or want to make my bedroom look extra neat and tidy.

Remove mold with a clothes steamer

Did you know that a clothes steamer can even defeat mold? Mold hates high temperatures, making a clothes steamer the ideal ally to rid your bathroom of mold and tackle those tricky corners and hard-to-reach places! After you've steamed, simply wipe it with a cloth and voilà! The mold has disappeared like snow in the sun!

Remove stains from fabrics with a clothes steamer

With a clothes steamer you can not only remove stains from your clothes, but also remove those on your sofa, carpet or car seats. Point the clothes steamer at the stain for about half a minute and then wipe it with a cloth. The hot steam causes the fibers to swell and fills the fabric with water, making it easier to remove stains. You can always use some stain remover for very stubborn stains.

Cleaning and disinfecting cuddly toys with a clothes steamer

Did you know that a clothes steamer is also ideal for freshening up your children's cuddly toys? Cuddly toys are often used intensively and can smell less fresh over time. But don't worry, with the powerful steam from a clothes steamer you will give those cuddly toys a wonderfully clean and fresh feeling again!

Hold the clothes steamer at a small distance from the cuddly toy for a few seconds and let the steam do its work. The heat and steam ensure that any odors and bacteria are removed, making the cuddly toy smell nice and fresh again. In addition, you don't have to worry about the delicate fabrics of the cuddly toys, because the steam does not damage the fibers.

We wish you lots of steam fun, and thank me later! ;)

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