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Mit diesen 3 Gadgets zur Kleidungspflege sehen Sie jederzeit makellos aus.

Creases, pillage, dust, lint or pet hair will ruin the appearance of any well styled outfit. With these clothing care gadgets you'll always be walking out of the door looking impeccable.

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Verwenden Sie einen Dampfgarer, um Falten und schlechte Gerüche zu entfernen

The steamer lifts the fibers of a fabric and the hot steam makes them swell. This process gently removes creases, without the chance of damaging your clothes. The hot steam also eliminates 99% of all bacteria out of fabrics, and also reduces bad smells.

Halten Sie eine Fusselbürste an der Tür bereit

Especially when you have a lovely hairy pet-friend in your home, this is the best tip we could give you to save your outfits. As much as we love our furry friends, no dark tinted trousers are safe from their hair. And let's be real: lint, dust and pet hair can really ruin the appearance of a well styled outfit. Therefore it's ideal to use a lint roller. With just a few easy sweeps of the Iintroller, you can spruce up any outfit on your way out.

Verwenden Sie einen Stoffrasierer, um Plünderungen zu entfernen

Pilling is a natural process that even happens to the most luxurious fabrics including cashmere. Unfortunately it can make your garments look worn out. Yet, don't you worry as there's a way to restore your well-loved jumper to its original glory! With an electronic fabric shaver you can easily and safely remove pillage to improve the appearance of your garments. It is super easy to use, clean and charge. In all honesty, the whole process is rather satisfying. I promise you'll be looking for jumpers in your closet to shave before you know it!


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