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The story behind STEAMRS

"All available clothes steamers had disappointments: poor quality, plastic design, weak steam power, outdated technology, leaks, awkward weight, slow heat-up times, limited durability and regular maintenance. We thought this could be improved."

— Thomas & Charlotte

Preference and knowledge for high-quality textiles

STEAMRS by Dreamers was founded by entrepreneurs Charlotte & Thomas from Breda. Their background and shared passion for high-quality textiles, with specific expertise in luxury bedding, led to the creation of STEAMRS in 2021, with a clear mission: to make textile care simple, stylish and modern.

Our mission

At STEAMRS by Dreamers we make clothing care easy, fast and fun. Our mission is simple: extend the life of your favorite garments by providing modern, efficient solutions. We believe that your clothes deserve love and attention.

We provide everything you need to keep your clothes fresh, wrinkle-free and presentable at home or on the road. Let your clothes shine optimally! Our powerful devices combine the latest technologies with beautiful designs and high-quality materials. Each product is stylishly packaged, so that it feels like a gift for you and your clothes.

Discover how STEAMRS can transform your clothing care and give your wardrobe the care it deserves – clothing care with a modern twist!

We want to develop the very best clothes steamer

"Together with technical product developers in the Netherlands, we designed our first innovative model and produced a successful first batch. Our Luxury Clothes Steamer proved to be an immediate hit and was quickly sold out. We are proud to say that we have made the best clothes steamer in the current market. to have."


Dampfen mit Stil!

Our collection has now been expanded with beautiful different colored hand steamers, Professional standing steamers and various handy, chic clothing care gadgets.