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The story behind the design of the Clothing Brush

The story behind the design

The story of our Clothes Brush started with a simple frustration: endlessly removing pet hair from clothes. We decided to create a solution and developed a brush with millions of micro-bristles that work magnetically on dust particles and hair. But for us it wasn't enough that it was functional; it also had to be beautiful. On the market we only found plastic junk brushes in (in our opinion) ugly bright colors. In line with our other products, we wanted our Clothes Brush to have a chic, Scandinavian minimalist design, matte black and lightweight for optimal ease of use.

Material use

What we indicated at the factory for producing our brush: "It should be a luxurious brush, with a sturdy handle and a coating with a chic matt rubber finish. A brush that is compact and not too heavy, but still sturdy and very high quality. With the STEAMRS brush you don't get any plastic junk, but a very chic accessory."

To make the brush sturdy and durable, we use recycled ABS material and recycled polyester. Designing and developing the brushes was a challenge. We wanted a material that was soft and caring for all types of fabrics, but also strong enough to effectively remove hair, lint and lint. Ultimately, we have created a unique system with thousands of micro-hairs that are subtle for fabrics and at the same time incredibly strong in attracting and capturing unwanted hair. The result is an ideal brush that is not only functional, but also an asset to any interior and clothing collection.

The self-cleaning function

In addition to the functional design, we also wanted cleaning the brush to be a piece of cake. This is where the smart design comes into play: the inside of the brush is lined with the same micro-hairs as on the brush, but they are oriented the other way around. This creates a unique effect when you insert the used brush (with hair and fluff on it) into the tube and then pull it out again. All hairs stick to the inside of the tube and are collected in the small collection container provided at the bottom of the brush.

This clever mechanism makes cleaning the brush effortless and time-saving. No more hassle with manually removing the hair from the brush. With just a few simple movements, the brush is completely clean and ready for use again. The small collection tray catches all the hair and fluff, making it easy to remove them above the trash can. No hassle, no mess, and no more hassle with annoying hairs on your clothes. Our Self-Cleaning Clothes Brush makes removing pet hair a quick and hassle-free task. Enjoy cuddling with your pet without worrying about hair on your clothes!

Suitable for any fabric
The depilator is multifunctional and easy to use on upholstered furniture, clothing, curtains, cushions, the bed, carpets and car seats. Whether you want to make your sofa hair-free or remove unnecessary lint from a woolen sweater, this Clothes Brush has been specially developed to extend the life of your textiles and not to harm them. The micro brushes are gentle on the fabric and do not cause any damage.

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