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Your favorite black jeans ruined by white stripes? Here you can read how these stripes arise and how to remove them from your jeans and prevent this in the future.

Have you taken your laundry out of the washing machine and are disappointed to discover white streaks on your beloved black jeans? But don't worry, we have the solutions to prevent these common jeans problems!

Streaks on your laundry after washing

White streaks on dark laundry?
Those white streaks on your laundry are not the result of too much detergent, but rather an overloaded washing machine. When the drum is too full, the detergent does not have enough space to completely dissolve, resulting in soap residue on your clothes. Fortunately, this is easy to prevent. Make sure you load the washing machine less and leave some space at the top, about one to two hand widths, so that the water and detergent can circulate freely.

White spots on black clothing can often be caused by residual soap residue, limescale or other minerals. Usually you simply wash this away by washing the garment again. Don't the stripes go away after an extra round of washing? Make a mixture of equal parts water and vinegar and gently dab onto the stains. Then rinse thoroughly. It is always wise to test this method on an inconspicuous part of the clothing first to avoid possible damage.

How do I keep my black pants black?

To maintain the intense color of your black pants, it is important to wash them inside out. In this way, friction with other items of clothing is minimized. Use a mild detergent formulated for dark clothes to keep the color vibrant. Avoid too much friction and high temperatures in the dryer as this can lead to color fading.


Black streaks on light laundry?
These annoying black streaks on your clothes can have several causes, from an overfull drum to what is known as grease lice. Fat lice is a greasy substance that remains in the washing machine due to an accumulation of various fats, flakes and insoluble substances from the detergent. This can result in black streaks and stains on your clothes. But don't worry, there are ways to prevent this. Try to change detergent occasionally and occasionally run a wash at 60 degrees or higher to thoroughly clean the machine.

Additional tips for problem-free washing:

  • Do not use too much detergent and dose as indicated on the detergent.
  • Regularly clean the machine, including the tray, rubbers, sieves and filters.
  • Avoid washing too often on short programs to prevent insufficient rinsing.

But let's not forget: prevention is key! Don't fill the machine completely with dirty laundry - leave some space for the detergent to do its work. And if your pants need a quick refresh, give them a steaming session with a handy hand-held clothes steamer.

These simple tips will keep your jeans streak-free and always looking great!

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