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Discover the Safe Way to Wrinkle-Free Clothing: The Secrets of STEAMRS Garment Steamers

Garment steamers, also known as hand steamers, travel steamers, or garment steamers, are the new stars in the clothing care firmament. As many people switch from traditional irons to these compact steamers, questions arise about which fabrics are suitable and whether they are safe for delicate materials. In this blog we take an in-depth dive into the world of clothes steamers, with an emphasis on the question: on which fabrics can I safely use a clothes steamer or not?

The Diversity of Garment Steamers

There are numerous brands and models of clothes steamers available on the market, varying in features and price ranges. While appearance is just one aspect, the true difference often lies in the internal design. Think of the difference between an old-fashioned mechanical model and a sophisticated optimized mechanism - it can make a significant difference. Safety, a factor that can influence the price, is of utmost importance.

Important factors to consider when purchasing include steam power , steam purity , calcification from within and safety on different types of fabrics. It is essential to determine how long you plan to use the steamer and on what types of clothes or fabrics. For more luxurious, expensive textile items, it is advisable to choose a clothes steamer that effectively protects these fabrics and is made of the highest quality materials and techniques.

Unmask the Risks of Cheap Garment Steamers: Why Investment in Quality is Essential!

The purchase of a cheap plastic device is strongly discouraged, because the quality of the steam it produces is not sufficient to ensure safety on various substances. In addition, cheaper steamers often experience a faster build-up of limescale from the inside, which negatively affects performance. The lifespan of such devices is therefore many times shorter than that of high-quality models. The use of inferior materials and technologies in cheaper models can result in unpredictable behavior, potentially harmful to both the fabric and device use. Instead, it is wiser to invest in a clothes steamer with advanced technologies, such as those from STEAMRS, which not only offers safety and effectiveness, but also guarantees a longer lifespan and less susceptibility to limescale formation from within.

STEAMRS: Innovative Steam Technologies

Designed in the Netherlands by a team of specialists, STEAMRS distinguishes itself through advanced steam technologies. A crucial concern with garment steamers is steam power and safety on various fabrics. STEAMRS addresses these concerns through precise regulation of steam power, with special attention to delicate fabrics such as (cotton) satin, silk, wool and cashmere. The result? An effective clothes steamer that does not damage the textile fibers during the steaming process.

The clothing steamers of the STEAMRS brand are designed in the Netherlands by a team of specialists and equipped with the latest and most powerful steam techniques to make steaming as safe and easy as possible.

Safety First: Some Limitations

Although STEAMRS steamers are designed with safety in mind, there are some materials you should avoid using them on. Leather, suede and velor are sensitive to heat and water and can be damaged. So it is always good to follow the instructions for an optimal user experience.

Conclusion: STEAMRS - The Perfect Choice for Safe Garment Care

The questions about which fabrics are suitable for clothes steamers and whether they are safe for delicate materials are expertly answered by STEAMRS. If you are looking for a clothes steamer that is not only effective, but also safe and caring for your clothes, STEAMRS is the perfect choice. Enter the advanced world of garment care with STEAMRS and enjoy wrinkle-free clothing without worry!

clothes steamer from STEAMRS suitable for delicate fabrics such as satin silk

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