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Loosening the hanger from the steam rod | Professional Steamer

Do you have a Professional Steamer, or a MIDI steamer from STEAMRS and need some help with detaching the section of the clothes hanger from the rod? This requires some special technique. This is because the "hanger part" is "stuck" in the small hole shown in the picture below. So that it would not continuously unscrew and turn during steaming.

  1. Keep the side with the hanger part facing the ground.
  2. Hold up the other side of the pole (which is normally screwed into the steamer).
  3. Hold the top of the telescopic steam rod with your dominant hand, and the hanger part with your other hand.
  4. Pull in 2 opposite directions with only a little force.
  5. At the same time, rotate the hanger part little by little.
  6. At some point they will separate easily.


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Last but not least: take better care of the clothes you already have!

Use the right care products to care for your clothes. Do not unnecessarily put your clothes in the washing machine, but for example run a clothes steamer over them to freshen up the fabric, or hang the fabric outside to air out. Does a substance pill? Or is there lint on it? Use a fabric brush or lint remover to breathe new life into the fabric. It certainly doesn't have to be thrown away. Use gentle detergent, without chemicals and harmful substances for your garment. This way the fabric lasts much longer!