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Help guide for questions

The help guide for questions

How wonderful that you have chosen our STEAM'R. We are very grateful to you and hope you enjoy it for many years to come. You may have some questions when using your new device for the first time, which we hope we can answer for you below.

1. Water dripping/leaking

It is very normal for small droplets from the steamer to get onto the clothes. You don't often see this in the most satisfying steam videos, because companies often choose not to show this, but really every hand steamer leaves a drop of water here and there on textiles. Very normal and absolutely not harmful.

What is absolutely not the intention, however, is that the handheld steamer really leaks water. If your STEAM'R leaks a lot, try to find the source of the leak. Does it come from the ironing plate at the top today, or from the water tank? When the water comes straight out of the water reservoir, try to press the black 'lip', which serves as the cap of the water reservoir, a little harder. Also check whether the water tank is properly attached to the STEAM'R. There should not be a large gap or open space between the water tank and the STEAM'R and it should fit perfectly. Is the leak coming from somewhere other than the water tank? Please contact our customer service for more assistance, we think along with you!

2. Bubbling sounds

As the unit heats up it may make some bubbling noises. Don't be scared of this! Think of your handheld steamer as a powerful kettle. The water is heated in a very fast time to +100 degrees Celsius, so that the steam is generated.

3. Is there no steam coming out of the STEAM'R?

The steamer should of course be steaming. If not, there are a few things you can try to determine where the problem lies. Start by checking the water tank. First of all, you can check whether there is enough water in the water tank. To achieve a nicer design, we have chosen to make the water reservoir (just like the rest of the steamer) matte black. This makes it more difficult to see how much water is left in the reservoir. You can easily fill the reservoir with the supplied mini measuring cup. You can then take the water tank out and click/slide it back into the steamer. If the water tank is not properly secured, and there is a gap/free space between the space and the water tank and the appliance, this may very well be the cause of the problem. Still no steam?

Is there something wrong with the power supply? Check the plug in the socket or in the power strip.

Did you wait long enough for the STEAM'R to heat up?
It takes about 20 to 25 seconds for the steamer to heat up completely. The orange/gold light changes to green when the steamer is ready to use. Do not press the 'steam button' before you see the orange light switch to green.

Do you need to descale the device? If you choose not to use distilled water in the STEAM'R, but to use tap water, you may need to descale your STEAM'R once in a while. It often depends on which region you live in as to the quality of the water that comes out of the tap. One water is 'harder' than the other and contains more calcium. Just like with a kettle, it is necessary to descale once in a while. For example, use vinegar to descale the device. We recommend using distilled/filtered or osmosis water to prevent this.

Still no steam?
If the steam still does not come out and the appliance does not heat up, please contact our customer service for further assistance. We are very happy to help!

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