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Discover the Revolution in Garment Care: Why STEAMRS is the Ultimate Choice

Garment steamers, also known as handheld steamers, travel steamers, or garment steamers, have taken the world of garment care by storm, and amid this revolution, STEAMRS stands out as a true pioneer. In this blog we delve deeper into why STEAMRS distinguishes itself from the competition and why this Dutch brand is the undisputed choice for those who seek the best care for their clothing.

Why Garment Steamers?

Convenience and Speed ​​Garment steamers provide a quick and effortless solution for wrinkle-free clothing, making them a convenient and fast alternative to traditional irons without the need for an ironing board. Perfect for those last minute touch-ups!

What really sets STEAMRS apart is the unprecedented speed of heating up and being immediately ready to use. In no other device is efficiency so highly valued. There is no other appliance on the market that heats up and is ready to use as quickly as the STEAMRS garment steamers.

Safe for Delicate Fabrics A distinctive advantage of garment steamers is their gentle approach on delicate fabrics. Valuable materials such as (cotton) satin, silk, wool and cashmere are treated with care by STEAMRS steamers, without any form of damage. The clothes steamers can be used on all fabrics, except leather, suede and velour. These fabrics cannot withstand heat or water droplets and therefore cannot be steamed by any type of steamer.

Multifunctional Use In addition to efficiently removing wrinkles, clothes steamers also serve as odor removers and fabric fresheners. The hot steam kills bacteria and removes unpleasant odors from textiles. STEAMRS goes further than the rest by applying innovative steam technologies, resulting in an even better end result. STEAMRS offers unparalleled versatility by being able to steam both horizontally and vertically, a feature not often found in other steamers on the market.


Dutch Design and Innovation STEAMRS is the product of Dutch design, led by a team of skilled specialists. The combination of innovative technologies and attention to aesthetics results in clothes steamers that are not only effective but also have a stylish appearance.

Fastest Heat Up Time and Instant Ready to Use STEAMRS garment steamers heat up at unprecedented speed, allowing users to be ready to steam their clothes in seconds. This is an advantage that is not often present with (cheaper) alternatives.

High-Quality Materials and Luxury Finish The STEAMRS garment steamer is made of the highest-quality materials, both inside and out.

Advanced Steam Technology STEAMRS offers the highest steam power possible from a handheld steamer. This means that even the most stubborn creases don't stand a chance. STEAMRS steam technology is unprecedentedly pure. Even when water splashes come out of the device, it is purified, minimizing the risk of staining your clothes, unlike cheaper steamers.

Targeted Steam Precision: Experience unparalleled precision with the STEAMRS garment steamer, where the steam output is precisely tuned. This allows users to work with focus and care, even on garments with complex structures and delicate details. With the STEAMRS clothes steamer you can effortlessly achieve a professionally ironed look, with every puff of steam being used strategically.

Silent Operation:
A notable feature of the STEAMRS garment steamer is its quiet operation during use. While some steamers can be noisy, the STEAMRS offers a pleasant and quiet steaming experience. This not only ensures efficiency but also makes the garment care process more comfortable without disturbing noise.

Innovative Coating and Lime Prevention

What really sets STEAMRS apart is the evolutionary coating on the inside that prevents limescale formation. This makes descaling much less necessary, even when you use regular tap water. In cheaper steamers, scale formation occurs more quickly from the inside, resulting in a shorter lifespan of the device.

Sustainability and Quality Invest in sustainability with STEAMRS. These clothes steamers are designed for a long service life, which translates to long-lasting enjoyment and optimal performance. The STEAMRS clothes steamer has an ergonomic design, with the water reservoir 'hidden' in the device. This makes the steamer not only practical, but also beautiful to look at or take with you. The long cord contributes to ease of use.

Suitable for Travel: Discover the convenience of the STEAMRS garment steamer, specially designed to be portable and suitable for travel. This practical feature makes it ideal for people who want to take care of their clothes on the go. Unlike some clothes steamers, the STEAMRS is both compact and efficient, making it the perfect companion for travelers who want wrinkle-free clothes wherever they go.

Conclusion: Why Choose STEAMRS?

If you are about to purchase a clothes steamer, make your choice depend on durability, quality and safety on various fabrics. With STEAMRS you not only choose a Dutch-designed steam device, but also advanced steam technologies that provide your clothes with the best care. Fast, safe and infused with expertise, it not only offers convenience in garment care, but also sets a new standard in steam technology. Make a conscious choice

for convenience, style and effectiveness - choose STEAMRS. Discover today why STEAMRS is the leading force in the garment care revolution!

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Last but not least: take better care of the clothes you already have!

Use the right care products to care for your clothes. Do not unnecessarily put your clothes in the washing machine, but for example run a clothes steamer over them to freshen up the fabric, or hang the fabric outside to air out. Does a substance pill? Or is there lint on it? Use a fabric brush or lint remover to breathe new life into the fabric. It certainly doesn't have to be thrown away. Use gentle detergent, without chemicals and harmful substances for your garment. This way the fabric lasts much longer!