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How does a clothes steamer work?

The clothes steamer heats water and converts it into steam. This hot steam causes fibers of the fabric to swell and thus removes all wrinkles from textiles. This process also kills any bacteria and eliminates odors, leaving the fabric cleaner and fresher.

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Why steam instead of ironing?

1. Speed: It works faster than ironing. You don't have to lay the fabric flat on an ironing board, but can direct the steam directly onto the clothes, saving you time.

2. Ease of use: Using a clothes steamer is very simple and requires less technique than ironing. You don't have to make tricky folds or adjust the pressure on the fabric, which makes the process much easier.

3. Safety: A clothes steamer is safer to use than an iron. You don't have to place the hot iron directly on the fabric, which reduces the risk of burning yourself or the clothes.

4. Cared for textiles: Better for the fabric itself, because it will wear out less quickly than when using an iron.

5. Suitable for delicate textiles: Garment steamers are suitable for all types of fabrics, including delicate materials such as silk, chiffon and lace. This allows you to steam even your most delicate garments safely and easily.

6. Versatility: Garment steamers can be used not only for steaming clothes, but also for other textile products such as curtains, bedding and upholstery fabrics.

Price difference in clothes steamers

Cheaper (lower quality) clothes steamers often have a limited number of safety settings, making them not suitable - or safe - for all types of fabrics. An electric kettle can also convert water into steam, but is not specialized in the care of textiles.

Garment steamers in a lower price range are often made of cheap materials and have less powerful steam output, which can lead to inconsistencies in steam output (Wattage & g/min) and therefore less effective wrinkle removal. Therefore, preferably choose a high-quality steamer.

Why should you choose the luxury clothes steamer from STEAMRS?

The STEAMRS luxury clothes steamer is an excellent choice if you are looking for a high-quality clothes steamer. This steamer is made of durable materials and has a powerful steam output, allowing you to work quickly and efficiently. In addition, the STEAMRS clothing steamer has a handy, compact, streamlined water reservoir, which is suitable for steaming 1 to 2 items of clothing. Moreover, the design of the clothes steamer is very chic and will not look out of place in your interior. This device offers everything you need to quickly and easily steam your clothes, wherever you are.

STEAMRS Garment Steamers compared to other brands

1. Extra powerful steam technology

Equipped with a powerful, uniquely designed steam technology, which ensures fast and efficient steaming of clothes. This allows you to quickly and easily smooth out even the most stubborn creases and folds.

2. Safe for fabrics

Suitable for almost all types of fabrics, including even delicate fabrics. With this device you never have to worry about damaging or destroying a fabric. This means you can steam all your garments without worry, from suits and dresses to t-shirts and jeans. Do not use on leather and suede, and be careful with silk.

3. Ease of use

Very user-friendly and easy to operate. Heats up and ready to use within 25 seconds. 2 meter long cord. No ironing board required. Compact and easy to take with you when traveling.

4. Sustainability

Made from the highest quality materials and designed to last for years.

The benefits of using a clothes steamer

Garment steamers are a great way to make your clothes look new again, without having to iron them. Instead, they work by using steam to loosen the fabric and remove wrinkles. But how exactly does a clothes steamer work and why should you use one? In this blog we discuss everything you need to know about clothes steamers and why the luxury clothes steamer from STEAMRS is an excellent choice.

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