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Everything you need to know about travel clothes steamers

Garment steamers: useful for traveling?

When you travel, you want to look good and dress neatly. Unfortunately, keeping your clothes wrinkle-free while traveling can be a pain, especially if you're on the road for a long time. A clothes steamer is ideal for travel because it is easy to use anywhere and compact enough to carry in your luggage. A travel steamer is compact and portable. In addition, you can use a clothes steamer without needing an ironing board, which is useful if you stay in a hotel room without an iron, for example. In this blog you can read everything you need to know when you take a travel steamer on a trip

Can I take a clothes steamer in my hand luggage on a flight?

Yes, normally it is always allowed to take a clothes steamer with you in your hand luggage during a flight. However, it is always advisable to check the airline specific guidelines as some carriers may have restrictions. All Dutch, Belgian and French airlines allow you to take a clothes steamer in your hand luggage.

Can I use a clothes steamer on different voltages abroad?

This depends on the specific model of clothes steamer you have. Some garment steamers have a universal voltage function, which means they can operate on different voltages. This is almost only the case with luxury clothes steamers. This is also the case with the STEAMRS clothes steamer. Be sure to check your garment steamer's specs and purchase a travel plug or voltage converter if necessary.

Can I use a garment steamer for all types of fabric?

Yes, a garment steamer is suitable for almost all types of fabrics, including delicate fabrics such as silk. However, do not use a garment steamer on fabrics made from animal products, such as leather and suede. However, it is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions to avoid damaging your clothing.

Can I use a clothes steamer to disinfect my clothes?

Yes, a clothes steamer can be used to disinfect your clothes. The heat from the steam can kill bacteria and germs on your clothes. However, it is important to remember that a clothes steamer is not a substitute for washing your clothes, rather it is an intermediate solution. Ideal for traveling! This way you can quickly and easily refresh your clothes and simply wear them again. So no washing machine is needed.

What should I pay attention to when purchasing a clothes steamer for travel?

If you want to buy a clothes steamer for travel, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, the device should be compact and lightweight so that you can easily take it with you in your luggage. In addition, the device must heat up quickly and have a powerful steam output to be able to treat your clothes quickly and efficiently. It is also useful if the device has a removable water tank, so that you can easily fill and clean it. Also check the voltage specifications to make sure the device is compatible with the outlets at your travel destination.

Are there any special rules or guidelines for taking a garment steamer on a trip?

There are no special rules or guidelines for taking a clothes steamer on a trip. The device can be carried in your carry-on or checked baggage, depending on the size of the device and airline regulations. Do check the specific rules of your airline before you travel.

Can I use tap water in a clothes steamer while traveling?

In most cases, it is safe to use tap water in a clothes steamer while traveling unless stated otherwise by the manufacturer. However, it is wise to check the water quality at your destination, as hard water or water with a lot of minerals can affect the life of the garment steamer.

Can I take a clothes steamer on a cruise or in a hotel?

Yes, it is always allowed to take a clothes steamer on a cruise or in a hotel.

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Last but not least: take better care of the clothes you already have!

Use the right care products to care for your clothes. Do not unnecessarily put your clothes in the washing machine, but for example run a clothes steamer over them to freshen up the fabric, or hang the fabric outside to air out. Does a substance pill? Or is there lint on it? Use a fabric brush or lint remover to breathe new life into the fabric. It certainly doesn't have to be thrown away. Use gentle detergent, without chemicals and harmful substances for your garment. This way the fabric lasts much longer!